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Mar 13, 2011 8:00am EDT
>>> another disaster looming in japan. a second nuclear power plant may be melting down as a search for thousands of victims continues. >>> two wok work -- workers terrorized at an upscale plaza in downtown. this may be a robbery gone bad. >>> and visitation for frank buckles begins today: good morning and welcome to fox 5 morning news. >>> let's get right to developing story. the hunt is on for a driver who hit and killed a man crossing the street in a wheelchair and kept driving on bening road in southeast before 4:00 yesterday morning. police are looking for an older silver and gray honda. the victim is 55-year-old gary gray of southeast. >>> we are learning about a police involved shooting at 8:00 last night. officers tried to approach a man who had been throwing bottles at cars. they say he shot at officers, hitting one of them. the officer's bullet pouch saved his life. the officer returned fire. no word on why two other people were arrested. >>> and police need your help tracking down two men involved in a horrific attack. the scene was a sportswear store. jana marie of arli
Mar 20, 2011 8:00am EDT
fax county search and rescue team is back in the u.s. after a heroing mission in japan. we'll hear back after they arrive home this morning. >>> first an early morning house fire. a sprawling 10,000 square foot home in hunting town, maryland, went up in flames. now none of the injuries are life threatening. investigators believe it started in the chimney. the home as you can see here is a total loss. >>> now to the latest on the crisis in libya. the air assault has begun. more than 100 tom hawk cruise missiles fired from u.s. and british warships rained down on libya. the target radar sites in the capitol of tripoli. they also hit targets on the ground. ohm battled leader gadafi is promising to fight back calling the attacks a "crusader aggression." clearing the way for a no-fly zone approved by the united nations on thursday night. the u.s. is leading a coalition of some 20 nations in operation dawn. nato is considering joining the coalition. fox explains how he got to this point. >> today i authorized the armed forces of the united states to begin a limited military action in lib
Mar 27, 2011 8:00am EDT
. >>> a major setback in the nuclear disaster in japan. there was a dangerous jump in radiation at the damaged nuclear plant. officials say radioactive tee in the water is 10 million times higher than normal, and now they can't pump the seawater into the crippled reactors because it's corroding the equipment, so now the united states is helping bring in crucial fresh water. >> the u.s. navy has spent two owe has sent two naval barges loaded with 525,000 gallons of fresh water. meanwhile the air force has sent 500 tons of battled water aboard six c-130s to sendai for people desperate to get their hands on uncontaminated water. they are based 20 miles west of tokyo, home to 3,600 service men who feel just as much wrapped up in this disaster as japan's citizens. >> our hearts here go out to them. we grieve with those that have lost everything. >> at the fukushima plant, levels of radioactive iodine in the seawater are at 1,250 levels higher than safety limits, according to officials. but they do say by the time that enters the food chain it will have diluted and be safe for humans to heat. but ho
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3